From Pastor Keith

One word comes to my mind that would make the New Year “happy”: priorities.  I have learned that we must set priorities in our lives.  Without priorities, one’s life can become out of control.  Life without priorities can relate to a hurricane, while a life with priorities can relate to the eye of a hurricane.  In the center of the storm everything is calm.  Even though there may be chaos all around, in the eye of the storm there is peace.  

As we begin this New Year together we must set priorities for our family, church and ourselves.  These priorities are very simple: God, Family, and Career/Ministry.  They must be in that order.  God must come first, your family second, and your career/ministry third.

When one tries to rearrange these priorities life can and will be difficult.  I have seen too many individuals, families, marriages and churches crumble because they did not keep God first, their family second and their career/ministry third.

Keeping these priorities in the correct order does not mean that life will always be easy.  We will go through difficult times but instead of experiencing the full force of the hurricane alone, you will be in the eye of the storm surrounded by the peace which passes all understanding, Jesus Christ.

As long as we keep God first, our family second and our career/ministry third, then I believe we will all experience a Happy New Year!!!


Pastor Keith


Sermon Series: “Breaking Free from Prisons”

January 16 – Acts 5:17-32: “Opened the doors of the jail”

January 23 – Acts 12:1-18: “You’re out of your mind”

January 30 – Acts 16:16-40: “Praying and singing hymns”

February 6 -  John 20:19-23: “The doors locked for fear”

February 13 – Isaiah 42:7: “To open eyes that are blind”



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