Safe sanctuaries policy

What is a Safe Sanctuaries Policy?

In April of 1996, the General Conference of the United Methodist Church adopted a resolution aimed at reducing the risk of child sexual abuse in the church. Now the policy has extended aiming to reduce the risk of all forms of abuse for children, youth, and vulnerable adults.

What is the Purpose of Safe Sanctuaries Policy? 

Our purpose for establishing this Child Abuse Prevention Policy and accompanying procedures is to demonstrate our total and unwavering commitment to the physical, emotional and spiritual safety of all our children, youth, and vulnerable adults. 

Our Covenant Statement:

"Clarkesville First United Methodist Church hereby pledges to conduct the ministry of Jesus Christ in ways that assure the physical and emotional safety and spiritual growth of all of our children, youth, and vulnerable adults as well as all of our workers with children, youth, and vulnerable adults. We will follow reasonable safety measures when selecting and recruiting workers; we will implement appropriate operational procedures in all areas of programming and care (including First Aid/CPR and methods of discipline); we will train our workers with children and youth in our procedures and policies; and we will have a clearly defined procedure for reporting suspected incident of abuse consistent with Georgia state law."

Our safe sanctuaries child abuse policy

Please click the link below to download or read a copy of our current Safe Sanctuaries Policy. Our current policy is being reviewed by the Safe Sanctuaries Committee to ensure that our policies and procedures are as up-to-date as possible. 

  • Safe Sanctuaries Policy PDF

    Please click here to view our policy. 

Safe Sanctuaries Committee

Our CFUMC Safe Sanctuaries Committee members include the following:

Chair Person: Brenda Sonafelt, former Police Officer and Investigator in Seminole County, Florida (25 years experience). 

Committee Members: Pastor, Rev. Keith Cox; Director of Discipleship & UM Deaconess, Jennifer Boydstun; Director of Older Adults, Christy Hinson; 

Director of Youth, Bailey Tam; Preschool Director, Susan Weidner; Director of Children, Courtney Young