who We ARE

The Mission Team is one of many Clarkesville Methodist local outreach ministries. Participation is open to all, church membership is not required, and all tools as well as training are provided. Building a ramp with the Mission Team provides quality time with good folks, a sense of accomplishment, and an opportunity to serve Christ.

The Team has a 6 x 12ft covered and equipped tool trailer on a permanent unrestricted loan from the 501c3 Assisting the Needs for the Disabled (AND). The Mission Team provides all necessary power tools such as: saws, battery and corded drills, nail guns, etc. Workers do not need to bring tools, but may bring their own hammer, tool belt, marking pencil, etc, if desired.

We build using a modular construction design that exceeds state code. An average ramp will run 30-40 feet with one directional change platform. Sections are prefabricated and transported on the day of construction. Assembly can generally be completed in a day.

How we operate

Although the Mission Team has done projects ranging from Minnesota to Mississippi, they currently focus on local projects in Habersham and adjoining counties. We don’t hold formal meetings, although project discussion and planning are regular topics at the Thursday morning United Methodist Men’s breakfast, 7:30am at Crossroads Cafe. When a project is scheduled, about 5-7 days in advance, an email blast is sent to all members indicating the time and place. Simply contact Jerry Medlock or Dave McClure (contact information for each listed below), and ask for your email address to be added to the notification list.

Projects come from numerous sources, most commonly:

  • The various home healthcare organizations in our area.
  • The Disability Resource Center (DRC), another 501c3 serving the impaired and disabled in our area.
  • Habitat for Humanity.
  • The CFUMC Church Office.
  • Word of mouth or referral from previous build.

Funding comes from several sources: the CFUMC budget, the Assisting the Needs for the Disabled organization, the HEMC Roundup program whose referrals are often funded by DRC, occasionally from the CommUnity Thrift Store, and other individuals. Recipients are asked to pay what they can toward materials, and any extra donation goes to Food 2 Kids.


Although the main project focus is building ramps, The Mission Team has sought to serve the community in other ways such as:

  • Laying sod for a disabled veteran
  • Moving furniture for someone in need
  • Interior work for Breaking Chains
  • Co-op ramp building with HEMC
  • Hanging Church & CommUnity Thrift Store signage
  • Serving at Camp Evergreen
  • Refurbishing The Connection Building
  • Serving at the New Cornelia Soup Kitchen
  • Hanging drywall in the Habitat House
  • Creating a shaded area for CFUMC Preschool
  • Building the Choir Director's office

To sign up, contact Jerry Medlock, 706-768-3111, or Dave McClure, 706-776-8439.

"Come when you can, 

Do what you can, 

Stay as long as you can."