who are we

The Mission Team is one of many Clarkesville Methodist local outreach ministries. Participation is open to all; church membership is not required. We don’t take roll, and tools and training are provided. We use email to notify everyone of upcoming projects. 

The Team has a 6 x 12ft covered and equipped tool trailer on permanent unrestricted loan from the 501c3 Assisting the Needs for the Disabled (AND). The Team has rounded out the equipment to provide all necessary power tools-saws, battery and corded drills, nail guns, etc. Workers need not bring tools but may bring their personal favorites-hammer, tool belt, marking pencil, etc.

We build using a modular construction design that exceeds state code. An “average” ramp will run 30-40 feet with one directional change platform. Sections are prefabricated and transported on ‘game day’. Assembly can generally be completed in a day by 6 to 8 workers.

For anyone who enjoys fellowship time with something to do, ramps are ideal projects. They provide quality time with good folks (male & female), culminating with tangible evidence of accomplishment.

How we operate

Although the Mission Team has done projects ranging from Minnesota to Mississippi, since 2012 we have held to a much more local perspective. Projects generally are completed in a day. We work in Habersham and adjoining counties (note-South Hall is not an adjoining county). We don’t hold formal meetings, although project discussion and planning are regular topics at the Thursday morning United Methodist Men’s breakfast, 7:30am at Crossroads Cafe. When a project is scheduled, about 5-7 days in advance, an email blast is sent to all members indicating the time and place. Membership is informal; CFUMC membership is not mandatory. The only required skill is a willing attitude. Simply give us, Jerry Medlock or Dave McClure (contact information for each listed below), your email address and ask to be added to the notification list.

Projects come from numerous sources, most commonly:

  • The various home healthcare organizations in our area.
  • The Disability Resource Center (DRC), another 501c3 serving the impaired and disabled in our area.
  • Habitat for Humanity.
  • The CFUMC Church Office has become popular lately.
  • A few projects have come from people who saw us on a job site and stopped to inquire.

Funding comes from several sources. Mission Team is included in the CFUMC budget. Through our affiliation with the 501c3 Assisting the Needs for the Disabled, funds are obtained from the HEMC Roundup program. DRC often funds their referrals. Recipients are asked to pay what they can toward materials, and any extra they can manage to Food 2 Kids. Finally we occasionally receive donations from the Thrift Store and from other Good Samaritans.

other things we do

We are well known for our work building handicap ramps. In addition to the 60+ ramps we have built, we have tried to contribute on other ways:

  • Laying sod for a disabled vet
  • Furniture movers for one in need
  • Interior work for Breaking Chains
  • Co-op ramp with HEMC
  • Church signage
  • Thrift store signage
  • Camp Evergreen
  • Connection interior
  • New Cornelia Soup Kitchen
  • Habitat house drywall
  • Preschool shade
  • Choir Director office

To sign up, contact anyone you know to be a team member or Jerry Medlock, 706-768-3111, or Dave McClure, 706-776-8439.

“Come when you can, Do what you can, Stay as long as you can.”

We use email to notify everyone of upcoming projects. To sign up for email notifications about upcoming projects, contact Jerry Medlock (706-768-3111), Dave McClure (706-949-4061), or the Church Office.

Clarkesville First

United Methodist Church

1087 Washington Street

PO Box 365

Clarkesville, GA 30523


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