Digital  Campaign  Brochure

Our previous capital campaign for the loan on our new fellowship hall ended in December of 2019. With the year that 2020 was, we decided it was best to wait until this year to begin a new financial campaign.

The goal of this campaign is to cover the remaining $900,000+ due on the new fellowship hall building loan. We believe that this building has absolutely been influential in our community and to the growth of our church.

Please prayerfully consider how you may go above and beyond to give towards this new fellowship hall as we consider the impact; from "Generation to Generation; Past, Present, and Future."

Generation  to  Generation

Each week throughout our Generation to Generation campaign we will be showcasing stories from different members of our congregation in regards to the old and/or new fellowship halls! Take a listen as we walk down memory lane and see what God has done in the past, what He is doing now, and what we are expectant that He will do in the future through our Fellowship Hall.