Church-wide Bible Study

As we are learning to partake in virtual discipleship, join our church-wide study that will begin on April 8th for 6 weeks. This web-page will be the host for material and videos for you to participate in the study with us. 

Current Study: 

"From Easter to Pentecost & Beyond"

This 6-week church-wide study in the Book of Acts, led by the author, Dr. Brian Shelton, begins on April 8. 
We recommend that you watch the Introductory Video and download the Course Introduction first. Then let the study begin with Session 1! A new session will be posted each week and a second video will post at week 5. Click below to download:

Introduction Video

Course Introduction PDF

Week 1: Gospel to the Jews

Week 2: Gospel to the God-Fearers

Week 3: Gospel to the Gentiles

Week 4:  Gospel to the Gentiles Continues

Week 5:  Gospel to Rome

Week 6:  Gospel to the Uttermost

Closing Video