Through June 19, join in a Zoom Bible Study with Pastor Keith.
Contact the church office for information on how to be part of this interactive, online study on the Book of Psalms.

Materials for the previous study on the Book of Acts, by Dr. Brian Shelton, may be accessed below at any time.

June-August 2020, participate in our Adult Summer Reading Club!   
Read Christian literature of your choice and at the end of each month, report the titles you've read to Jennifer Boydstun, Director of Discipleship.  Full details plus a form to track your books are available by clicking the graphic below!

SPRING 2020 Study: 

"From Easter to Pentecost & Beyond"

This 6-week church-wide study in the Book of Acts, was led by the author, Dr. Brian Shelton, during our time of COVID-19 quarantine. It is an excellent study that may be used anytime!

We recommend that you watch the Introductory Video and download the Course Introduction first. Then, you may move through the study at your own pace. Click below to download:

Introduction Video

Course Introduction PDF

Week 1: Gospel to the Jews

Week 2: Gospel to the God-Fearers

Week 3: Gospel to the Gentiles

Week 4:  Gospel to the Gentiles Continues

Week 5:  Gospel to Rome

Week 6:  Gospel to the Uttermost

Closing Video